Monday, March 21, 2011

SYLOSIS Release New Videoclip

UK-based modern thrashers SYLOSIS have just released the videoclip for the song “Empyreal”. The track is taken from the album Edge Of The Earth, which will be released on April 19th in North America.

Check it out the clip here:

SYLOSIS’ Nuclear Blast debut "Conclusion Of An Age" was released in North America on January 27 2009.

SYLOSIS' musical style can be described as "brutal, technical and deceptively melodic modern metal that favors invention over cliché and never shies away from nimble shifts in style, tempo or mood. The quintet manage to bring an epic, technical and melodic feel to the old-school thrash sound, combining incredible guitar solos and bloodlust vocals. The outcome, a sound that is both devastatingly feral and blisteringly precise."

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