Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Traditionally, most rock bands are dominated by guitars. Not so the case with IN LEGEND, where the mother of all instruments is the "key" component: The piano. With an uncompromising feeling for hard and flowing melodies, the ivories are hammered by Bastian Emig to an unexplored extreme. In the process he has come to understand the unique, symbiotic union of the percussive and melodic instrument in order to create rousing and sweeping songs. IN LEGEND is the essence of an artistic process that has been pulsating in the heart and maturing in the soul of Bastian during the last 10 years. And piece by piece it has been forged and hammered into the evoking sound which now characterizes it: The perfect blend of hard, soft, and uncompromising passion!

Bastian describes IN LEGEND as sounding like...... "Tori Amos on cocaine"

IN LEGEND does in no way, try to exclusively create a brand new type of sound. It is the songs which take the listener on a new aural experience. Influenced by the rhythmical feeling and atmosphere of Burkina Faso on the African continent where he spent his early childhood, Bastian has developed into one of the finest drummers in the German rock scene. He has toured with metal and rock 'n' roll bands all across Europe and was also able to win the hearts of the Chinese fans as the drummer for the thrash metal band NARAKAM with whom he spent the years 2006 and 2007 in China. He is currently also the drummer for the world's only metal a-cappella band VAN CANTO. After returning to Germany from Africa, it seemed, though, that the drums weren't the only instrument to shape his musical career. Bastian, upon his return, started to teach himself how to play the piano by ear, and he already composed many songs at a very early age without being able to read a single note of sheet music.

In Bastians own words...... "I hear music but I've never seen it"

Whilst trying to explain his own compositions to guitarists from his early bands, Bastian had been able to develop his own style, which comprises of smooth, carrying riffs in the left hand and flowing melodies in the right, and which is also apparent in the songs.  

Bastian has in fact discovered the previously unchartered territory of heavy music for the piano and describes his findings befittingly:... "Beaten paths are for beaten men"

Together with this extraordinary talent, Bastian's unmistakable voice ubiquitously brings together all aspects which can also be found in his drumming: Intensity, energy, and passion. With their CD "Ballads N´ Bullets", which is to be released in June  2011, IN LEGEND look to bring their unique sound to the world.

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