Wednesday, March 23, 2011


“Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us” and “On Earth As It Is In Hell,” the first singles off the debut studio release by British occult NWOBHM band HELL are now available for purchase at this location.  The album Human Remains will be released in North America on May 17th.

Producer and HELL guitarist Andy Sneap is a life-long friend of the band who was taught guitar by the original HELL singer/guitarist Dave G. Halliday.  Sneap shares a bit of background on the song selected for the single:

“’Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us’ was actually HELL's only ‘official’ release back in 1983 on the band’s own Deadly Weapon Records label.  Written by original singer/guitarist Dave Halliday, the original single was complemented by the instrumental B side ‘Deathsquad.’

“All the songs on the new HELL album were written between 1981 & 1986, with just a few small adjustments to the arrangements.  We recorded the album over the last three years,  in down time between other albums I've been working on and it was only by chance we ended up with Kev's brother David [Bower] singing.  As he's a professional actor / voice over artist, Kev asked him to do a voice over on one song; he then sang some backing vocals and immediately I knew we'd found the right guy. He'd seen the band close to 20 times back in the day so appreciated the theatrics needed to fill the shoes left by Dave Halliday.  We didn't really set out to do an album.  At first it was just a group of old friends getting together and putting three songs down to see what they sounded like because we could with me now having a studio.  We kinda didn't stop.  Personally, I can't really pick a favorite song as I'm so close to the whole record…”

One of the true founding fathers of occult metal and cited as a huge indirect influence to many bands, HELL formed in 1982 from the carcasses of U.K. metal bands Race Against Time and Paralex – whose 3-song White Lightning EP was listed by Metallica as a favorite and was subsequently included on the Lars Ulrich / Geoff Barton “NWOBHM: ’79 Revisited” sampler.
View the video for “On Earth As It Is In Hell” here.  It was directed by Kristian Harvard of Visual Concepts U.K.
HELL’s 2011 line-up:

·         David Bower – Vocals
·         Kev Bower - Guitar & Keyboards
·         Andy Sneap - Guitar
·         Tony Speakman – Bass
·         Tim Bowler - Drums

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