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Phoenix, AZ-based humorcore band Psychostick is in the midst of putting the finishing touches on their next album, which will come out later this year.  Entitled “Space Vampires vs. Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D,” the band has 12 songs written, although the total number of tracks has not been confirmed yet.  Says band lead singer Rob “Rawrb” Kersey of the recording sessions:  “"The new album focuses more on quality than quantity… we will not run out of cd space like our last album. In other words, it's not it's length that's important, it's the quality experience that it gives you that REALLY matters. Heh. We're on the final stretch of the recording. Drums are finished, vocals are almost done, guitars are nearly done, bass starts any day now. We have been laughing so much during the production of this album. I think we should win 63 Emmy awards or an Oscar or SOMETHING.”  Like all of their albums, “Space Vampires vs. Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D” is self-produced, with guitarist Josh Key taking the reins as the main producer and engineer.

Kersey also assures fans that this will be the band’s most intense album, humor-wise.  “We wanted to make sure listeners would have a hard time breathing while listening because it’s so funny and they’re laughing so hard,” Kersey explains. They spent four months writing before hitting the studio and are excited to debut their current line-up in recorded format; bassist Matt Rzemyk, who became part of the band on bass last year, has joined the aforementioned lead singer Kersey, guitarist Key, and drummer Alex Dontre in the studio to create the band’s latest masterpiece.  "We've got huge video plans for this new album,” says Kersey.  “I think we've taken a step back from the traditional band approach and decided to focus more on comedy. With all the videos we're wanting to do and other ideas we get, we might even go so far as to call ourselves a full-blown media production... thing."  Lest fans worry that the band has deserted the rock in favor of the funny, there is no need.  On the new record, Psychostick promises to maintain its strong, gritty, hard-rocking foundation, all while turning the funny up to 11.

The band plans to hit the road in April on their “Unleash The Dumb” Tour (see tour schedule below), and encourages fans to go all-out by dressing up in goofy, outlandish garb when attending the shows.  Concert goers will get a sneak peek at the new album, as the band promises to play one or two new songs on the tour.

“Space Vampires vs. Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D” follows the release of the three-track download, “The Digital Sampler,” which came out last year on the heels of their last album, “Sandwich” (a 2009 release).  They were touring fools in 2010 including outings with Nashville Pussy and Green Jelly (on the Parental Advisory Tour), with Look What I Did (on the Pay Off The Van Tour), and their own headlining dates.  Best known for the song “Beer Is Good…. And Stuff,” Psychostick also spent much of 2009 on tour promoting “Sandwich.”  As if writing and recording a new album wasn’t time-consuming enough, Kersey recently launched a web comic called "Alfredo Afro,” about being in a touring band and dealing with all the goofy and/or weird stuff that happens.   Fans can scope it out here

Psychostick “Unleash The Dumb” Tour Dates
4/12/2011        Columbia, MO             The Blue Note
4/13/2011        Little Rock, AR            Downtown Music
4/14/2011        Birmingham, AL          Crush
4/16/2011         Orlando, FL                  Earthday Birthday 18/Tinker Field
4/17/2011        Sarasota, FL                  Club Sarasota
4/20/2011        Clarksville, TN            The Warehouse
4/22/2011        Amilea, OH                   Big Ed's
4/23/2011        Steger, IL                    Another Hole in the Wall
4/25/2011        La Crosse, WI             The Warehouse
4/26/2011        Moline, IL                     Rascals
4/27/2011        Janesville, WI              The Back Bar
4/28/2011        Chicago, IL                  Reggie's Rock Club
4/29/2011        Flint, MI                        The Machine Shop
4/30/2011        Battle Creek, MI           Planet Live Music
5/1/2011          Sandusky, OH             The Sandusky Underground
5/2/2011           Cleveland, OH             Beachland Ballroom
5/3/2011          Pittsburgh, PA             Club Diesel
5/4/2011          Buffalo, NY                  Broadway Joe's
5/5/2011          Dover, NH                   Brick House
5/6/2011          Auburn, ME                 Club Texas
5/7/2011          Brookfield, CT              The Vern Room
5/8/2011          Trenton, NJ                 Championship                    
5/11/2011        Redding, PA                 The Reverb
5/12/2011        Bristol, CT                    Bleachers
5/13/2011        Baltimore, MD              Sonar
5/14/2011        Richmond, VA             Alley Katz
5/15/2011        Charlotte, NC               Tremont Music Hall
5/18/2011        Savannah, GA             The Wormhole
5/19/2011        St Petersburg, FL         The Local 662
5/20/2011        Port Charlotte, FL        Corky's
5/21/2011        Jacksonville, FL            Brewsters Pit
5/25/2011        Atlanta, GA                   The Masquerade
5/26/2011        Augusta, GA                 Sky City
5/28/2011        Prattville, AL                  The Blue Iguana
5/31/2011        Austin, TX                     Red Eyed Fly
6/1/2011          San Antonio, TX            Jack's Bar
6/7/2011          Gallup, NM                    The Juggernaut
6/8/2011          Albuquergue, NM          Launch Pad
6/9/2011          Amarillo, TX                  The Sorority House
6/10/2011        Oklahoma City, OK       Bricktown Live
6/11/2011        Kansas City, KS            Aftershock
6/12/2011        Tulsa, OK                      The Marquee
6/13/2011        Kearney, NE                  The Garage
6/14/2011        Denver, CO                  Quixote's
6/15/2011        Salt Lake City, UT        Club Vegas
6/16/2011        Cheyenne, WY             G I Forum
6/18/2011        Great Falls, MT            406 Club
6/19/2011        Missoula, MT                The Dark Horse
6/21/2011        Seattle, WA                   El Corazon
6/23/2011        Citrus Heights, CA        The Fire Escape
6/24/2011        Fresno, CA                    Starline

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