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Heavy metal and hard rock music hub is hosting an exclusive premiere of CYPHER SEER's new video for the song "Dying Force" The song is taken from CYPHER SEER's soon to be released album "Origins". Check out the video here.

Band founder Sergio Ribeiro commented on the video for "Dying Force":
"The song Dying Force is about humanity's self indulgence, which ultimately will lead us to self destruction. In the video we wanted to convey that message by showing a young woman losing something so precious that everyone seems to take for granted - our eyesight. Later in the video she regains her vision, by the hands of "The Creator", as a second opportunity to lead a more humble and caring life, but eventually she falls back to old habits and loses her sight for good."

"The video's concept, direction and shooting was a joint effort by Marco Bobadilla and Michael Goncalves with some direction from us. The video was shot at an abandoned children's psych ward in Staten Island, NY - although it doesn't show, the live performance portion of the video was shot in blaring heat, and the acting part of the video was shot in frigid cold."

CYPHER SEER'S much anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut "Awakening

Day" is stronger, heavier, faster and an overall outstanding sophomore effort for this young band. Equipped with an arsenal of new members, CYPHER SEER'S "Origins" features fierce guitar work and vocals that highlight the powerful rhythmic ensemble. "Origins" can best be described as a cross between In Flames' "Clayman" and Evergrey's "Recreation Day", with added spice of Scar Symmetry, Mercenary, Soilwork and others - It's fast, technical, and extremely melodic. "Origins" was edited and mixed by well known talent Fredrik Nordstrom (In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Dream Evil).

CYPHER SEER hails from New Jersey/New York area of the States. Whether recording or during live shows, CYPHER SEER always pushes the envelope in order to keep the experience fresh and their fans engaged. The history of CYPHER SEER has included a lot of big names in the metal industry such as James Rivera (Helstar, Vicious Rumors) and Mike LePond (Symphony X). However, the most notable name is producer extraordinaire Fredrik Nordstrom (In Flames, Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates, Etc). Nordstrom's magic can be heard on "Awakening Day", CYPHER SEER'S debut album.

During the winter of 2008, the rebuilding of the band process began with the search for a new vocalist. The spot was quickly filled by Zeno Rodrigo, a powerful singer whose voice would redefine the sound of CYPHER SEER. With the focal point of the band accounted for, auditions continued for the remainder of the rhythm section. In the end, drummer Lee Corrado and bassist Kristian Lolo were the two musicians selected to fill the roster, and CYPHER SEER was reborn, stronger than ever.

Now, armed with an improved line-up, CYPHER SEER returns with the recording of their much anticipated sophomore album, "Origins". With Fredrik Nordstrom once again behind the mixing board, the new album brings a more powerful, technical and ambitious sound in comparison to the debut album.

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