Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Rogue's Gallery Prog Rock Radio Show to Host Lisa LaRue 2KX CD Listening Party

~ CD now available to pre-order through Rock Tunz ~

March 22, 2011
     Muskogee, OK -  On Saturday, April 2nd, The Rogue's Gallery prog rock radio show will debut in its entirety the Lisa LaRue 2KX CD "Fast and Blue" CD. The show is hosted by Frans Keylard and is scheduled to air from 10AM-12:30PM PT. The Rogue's Gallery will also feature interviews with "Fast and Blue" musicians Lisa LaRue, John Payne (vocals, bass), and Don Schiff (N/S Stick) along with a pre-recorded message from cellist Michael Alvarez. Friends and fans can tune in at and can also chat online throughout the duration of the show.

     "Fast and Blue" will be released exclusively on March 31st for one month at Rock Tunz web store.
The title will be released in a jewel pack along with both a DVD and magazine each sold separately. There will also be a very special limited edition (50 copies) of the entire package sold for $25.95. Pre-orders can be placed directly at . After that, the CD will be available at and at other retailers worldwide, distributed through Nightmare Records Distribution.

The core 2KX band consists of:
Lisa LaRue - keyboards
Steve Adams (ARZ) - guitars/bass
Merrilll Hale (ARZ) - drums
John Payne (Asia Featuring John Payne) - vocals, bass

Special guests on the CD include:
Michael Sadler (Saga) - vocals
Ryo Okumoto (Spock's Beard, GPS) - keyboards
Don Schiff (Rocket Scientists, Lana Lane, Erik Norlander, Tappestry) - NS/stick
Mitch Perry (Asia Featuring John Payne, Cher, Aerosmith, Michael Schenker, Edgar Winter) - guitar
Maxi Nil (Visions of Atlantis) - vocals
Michael Alvarez (Bass Clef Experiment) - cello

The "Fast and Blue" CD will contain 7 tracks.

"Fast and Blue" is co-produced by Lisa LaRue and Steve Adams with John Payne.

     The "Fast and Blue" DVD will contain:
• The making of "Fast and Blue" with special appearances by Ryo, Michael, Don, John, Steve, and Lisa
• Fast and Blue - the single video
• Recurring Dream video (this video will not be available on youtube)
• Prometheus video (this video will not be available on youtube and will contain portions of  Thomas Edison's "Frankenstein 1910", the first film made of Mary Shelley's book "Frankenstein: The Modern Day Prometheus")

     The "Fast and Blue" magazine features include:
• 8.5" x 11" dimensions
• 24 pages
• An intro to the album
• 1 page with beautiful artwork devoted to each song
• A narrative about each song's place in the overall theme of the album
• A crayon drawing by actor Brad Pitt done in the first grade at Horace Mann Elementary School where he and Lisa LaRue were classmates
• A full page bio with photos of each band member
• Full-page official publicity photos
• A scrapbook collage of band members and special guests taken during the making of "Fast and Blue"
• Two pages specially devoted to the CD and DVD storage

"Fast and Blue is about how life can change so quickly, but yet this life we live may be but one of many we live throughout one long soul life," says LaRue. "The esoteric mysteries of the Knight's Templar, the Holy Grail and even my own indigenous culture all tie together in a big musical story. Many of us involved in the project have a deep interest in the many facets of this story, including Steve Adams' CD "Solomon's Key" and John Payne's continuing work on a Dan Brown-related theme."

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