Thursday, August 4, 2011

So Many Ways Reveal Release Date, Cover Art, Track Listing For Self-Titled Mightier Than Sword Records Debut; Label Launches Pre-Order for Self-Titled Album to Be Released on September 13

Chicago, IL pop-punk thrash combo SO MANY WAYS have just revealed the cover art, track listing and release date for their Mightier Than Sword Records label debut.

The self-titled album will be out on September 13, 2011 and is now available for pre-order in a variety of bundles at:

Track Listing:

  1. Take It To The Limit
  2. I've Made A Huge Mistake
  3. Sleep Mask
  4. Murf's Life Hints
  5. 37 Chambers
  6. Oak Island
  7. Dirtfoot

Since their formation in January 2009, SO MANY WAYS has had their fair share of lineup changes. After recording the Real Talk EP with Jay Maas (Defeater, Bane) at Getaway Group studios later that summer, the band played a few shows together before parting ways with their then-bassist, drummer, and keyboard player.

Not soon after the departure of those members, guitarists Jason Milbank, Murphy Welch and vocalist Colin Corley found themselves with a brand new rhythm section. After traveling to Florida to play a short string of shows, the band recorded their Floridian EP with Chris Hiser (Away With You). Floridian hinted at SMW’s heavier influences, but only showed a glimpse into what the band would become.

After saying goodbye to yet another rhythm section later that year, SO MANY WAYS welcomed drummer Keith Dow into the mix. The band recently added bass player Chris Catterson (ex Nightlights and Away With You) to the lineup and is ready to hit the road this month in advance of the EP’s release (see dates below.)


Colin Corley (Vocals)

Jason Milbank (Guitar/Vocals)

Murphy Welch (Guitar/Vocals)

Keith Dow (Drums)

Chris Catterson (bass)


Tour Dates (with Major League and Carousel Kings):

Aug 8 Parkersburg, WV @ Radar's Music Venue

Aug 9 Winston, NC @ Eliot's Revue

Aug 11 Marietta, GA @ Swayze's

Aug 12 Melbourne, FL @ Little Reggie's

Aug 13 Orlando, FL @ Hoop's Taven

Aug 14 Arad, Alabama @The Arabian Theater

Aug 18 Cookeville, TN @ Amps And Ramps

Aug 20 Chicago, IL @ Pancho's (also w/ Stay Golden and Late In The Playoffs)

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