Thursday, August 25, 2011


In Tobias Sammet’s new interview with MSN Entertainment, EDGUY’s dynamic frontman shares how he juggles two bands, relives AVANTASIA’s headlining performance at Wacken Open Air to an audience of over 100,000 people, discusses the writing process for the new album The Age Of The Joker, and reveals why the band chose to write a song about Robin Hood.

States Sammet in the following excerpt from the interview:

“If you look at the topics that are used in heavy metal songs, you come to those historical figures, like Attila the Hun or Alexander the Great, or Odin, or Thor, Humpty Dumpty, Cinderella. [laughs] Elves and dwarves and dragons, whatever is ridiculous, heavy metal bands surely have sung about it. But Robin Hood is so ridiculous, that heavy metal bands have never sung about him as far as I know. So I thought we should dedicate a song to the real true master of all swashbucklers in tights. We had a serious song, and it didn’t have a title or a topic, it was just a great song. And I thought, I’m going to make this Robin Hood. As soon as there was this shadow of Robin Hood over the song, there were so many more ideas. All of a sudden, we didn’t have to take that song so seriously anymore. It’s seriously a great song with a lot of musicianship and a great melody, but all of a sudden we were allowed to play with clichés that are used in heavy metal, that make rock ‘n’ roll and heavy metal what it is. That song is a tribute to Iron Maiden, to Rainbow, to Uriah Heep, and probably a tribute to Spinal Tap. It doesn’t really make sense, but a lot of things in heavy metal don’t make sense. That’s what’s cool. [laughs] It embraces everything that is tongue in cheek about heavy metal.”

Read the entire interview here. Watch the hilarious video for “Robin Hood” here.

The Age Of The Joker, EDGUY’s tenth studio album, will be released in North America on September 13th. Fans can pre-order it for $10 from Nuclear Blast USA’s webshop.

Members of the Hellfire Club at will have the opportunity to view new promotional band photos and listen to a worldwide exclusive of excerpts from seven new songs off Age Of The Joker. If you’re not already a member, register here with a valid e-mail address.

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