Saturday, August 20, 2011

Viking Metal Godfathers EINHERJER Unveil New Track

The Norwegian trio EINHERJER - one of the first bands to incorporate Norse mythology into heavy metal, and one of the founders of the "Viking metal" subgenre - will release Norrøn, their first album in eight years, on Sept. 13. It will serve as the first release by the newly-created Indie Recordings North America, and can be pre-ordered now at Indie's new North American webshop.

Today, the group unveiled "Varden Brenne," the album's first single. It can be heard now at Indie Recordings' Facebook page.

According to singer/guitarist Frode Glesnes, "Varden Brenne" is "an old-school viking metal song, greatly inspired by our own efforts from the mid-'90s. I don't like to limit the reader's reflection on our lyrics, but since it's in Norwegian, I'll bend my rules a bit. 'Varden Brenne' is about the lack of balance, the carelessness and the indifference we see in the world today. We're only humans, but it's too bad we're too narrow-minded to understand that we are rushing to our graves."

Recorded at Norway's Studio Borealis, Norrøn was produced by Glesner and mixed and mastered by Matt Hyde (Slayer, Hatebreed, Skeletonwitch). The cover art, painted by Renathe H. Bryn, can be viewed above. The album commences with a 13-minute epic and features the following track listing:

1. Norrøn Kraft
2. Naglfar
3. Alu Alu Laukar
4. Varden Brenne
5. Malmting
6. Balladen Om Bifrost

Says EINHERJER drummer Gerhard Storesund, "This is an album that has caused much joy and despair in the creative process. I hope and believe all the blood, sweat and hard work reflect and color our relentless pursuit of creating something beautiful, original and epic, and at the same time giving you the raw and attacking feeling of the real Viking metal spirit."

For the uninitiated, the band's moniker was inspired by Norse mythology. When a Viking was slain in battle, he was brought to Valhalla by the Valkyries to join the army of slain warriors known as the einherjar, who helped the Gods in their clash against the Giants in the age of Ragnarok.

Founded in 1993, EINHERJER - rounded out by guitarist Aksel Herløe - has previously released four full-length albums and multiple EPs, and toured with such notable names as King Diamond and Cradle of Filth. Norrøn is the band's Indie Recordings debut.

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