Monday, October 3, 2011

"Pop Up Video" Returns to VH1 w/Theme by Mike Errico

On October 3rd, VH1 is resurrecting its beloved series "Pop Up Video." The 60-episode run features a new look, new social media twists -- and its original composer, Mike Errico, who has updated his infectious theme song for a new generation of viewers - and videos - while remaining faithful to the original.

"Pop Up Video" was one of the highest rated shows on the cable network from 1996 through 2002, and the original episodes, which include Errico's theme, continue to run regularly on VH1 Classic.

New York-based songwriter Mike Errico is a familiar source of music for Viacom shows: Earlier this month, "You Could Be Anywhere," from his latest release, "Wander Away," was placed in an emotional episode finale of the MTV reality drama Teen Mom. The song's instant popularity led iTunes to place "Wander Away" in the "What's Hot" section of its homepage alongside Lil Wayne and Red Hot Chili Peppers, and sent Facebook/Twitter messages about the scene to its 18 million fans.
Read more and download the song for free.

The new "Pop Up Video" run will focus on current videos, and will also integrate user-generated content that will be reflected in the show. Fans can also go to VH1's site and "pop" their own videos that they can share via Facebook and Twitter. Read more.

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