Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Floridian blackened death metal band INFERNAEON is pleased to announce the addition of Eric Rhodes as lead vocalist and frontman for the group.
Kevin Gibbons, bassist, was quoted as saying "We all think it's great to work with a guy like Eric. His voice and range are amazing and he really contributes to our sound. Jeramie Kling, Steven Harger, Dave Stein, and Taylor Nordberg are all on this next album too ... so it's going to be brutal."

Steven Harger, guitarist, added "we have a lot in store for the next recording...I'm really convinced it's going to be the best album yet for the band."

INFERNAEON will be entering the studio to record their next album in February 2012 with James Murphy (TESTAMENT/DEATH/OBITUARY) of SafeHouse Production, Corey Smoot (GWAR/MENSREA) of Slave Pit Studios, and mixed/mastered at The Abyss Studio in Sweden by Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY).

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