Tuesday, October 18, 2011

KRISIUN posts new song, “Rise and Con front”, online!

Only two weeks away from the release of their highly anticipated new offering The Great Execution (which will be released via Century Media Records on October 31st in Europe and November 1st in the US), the death metal trio KRISIUN is now unleashing a second song upon the masses. "Rise and Confront" is a relentless track that will blow your brains out-- check it out here:

And for those who cannot wait to see the brothers perform the new breed of brutality live onstage, there's more good news along the way. The gang of three will be playing a full blown European tour in January and February 2012 (exact dates to be announced very shortly).

The Great Execution, produced once again by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio, is the band's 8th studio album and musically expands KRISIUN's trademark high speed death metal violence with a heavily increased amount of diversity, ranging from extreme tempo variations over distinct rhythm patterns to clean guitars---and even Flamenco parts!

KRISIUN only used analogue gear and instruments while recording in order to avoid the compressed sound that so many musicians produce today. This wise decision resulted in a more organic sound, with the songs on The Great Execution possessing both a warmth and rawness that are so often lost through digital production.

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