Friday, January 13, 2012


EXODUS and FORBIDDEN are just two of the bands from the now infamous Bay Area thrash metal scene who will be performing at the special show marking the 10-year anniversary of former EXODUS singer Paul “Pavel” Baloff’s passing. “Bonded By Baloff: A Decade Of Remembrance” will take place Saturday, February 4th, 2012 at the Oakland Metro Operahouse.
States guitarist Gary Holt of EXODUS:

"With February 2nd being the 10 year anniversary of Paul's passing, the band knew it was high time we do something special to remember the legend of Paul Baloff, so we decided to put together a show the Bay Area will not soon forget. We've pulled some of the Bay's finest for this, bands who knew and shared many a stage and drink with Pavel. There are some nice surprises in store as well! It will be ten years and two days since the thrash world lost one of its greatest frontmen ever, and we will always make sure his memory lives on and is never forgotten. Long live The Destroyer!”

FORBIDDEN guitarist & founding member Craig Locicero adds:

“Everyone in FORBIDDEN is honored to have been asked by Gary and EXODUS to play this show marking the 10th anniversary of Paul Baloff’s crazy fucking life! I witnessed his insanity first-hand at the Mabouhay Gardens and Ruthie’s Inn. As EXODUS got bigger, Paul got crazier - in a good way. It was genius at work. He was the mold that all thrash frontmen cut themselves from, but he was also a pretty damn sweet guy. Always kind to those he liked, he'd be in the front row at FORBIDDEN gigs screaming things like ‘Why does it have to be so heavy?’ and my favorite, ‘Heavier than time!’ I'm laughing just typing this!

“At his memorial, I saw people I hadn’t seen in years. So much love, so many laughs. It made me happy in some strange way just to see that kind of respect displayed for Paul. We all really loved him. Luckily his legend has returned with a vengeance… and hey, Paul, you did it: You’ve become heavier than time!”

The Main Stage line-up for “Bonded By Baloff: A Decade Of Remembrance” includes: EXODUS, POSSESSED, FORBIDDEN, HEATHEN, and MAD AT SAM.
Advanced tickets can be purchased at this location.

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