Thursday, January 5, 2012

THE DEVASTATED to Release new album on february 14th

Southern California's own THE DEVASTATED brings their niche genre of "gross, grimy, groove" metal to the next level on February 14th with the release of their Century Media debut, Devil's Messenger.

The brainchild of former Impending Doom and Oblige members, THE DEVASTATED already has two brutal singles available: title-track "Devil's Messenger" and "Roof Top Drop", quoted by Gun Shy Assassin as the guitars being "...fucking insane crazy with headbanging-inducing breakdowns, and those vocals...damn, son - how do you fucking do that without coughing up blood constantly?"

Produced by the band themselves, Chris Eck and co-production/mix by Daniel Castleman (AS I LAY DYING) the music was not written with the intent of impressing anyone except the band members themselves. "Our state of mind was-- let's play what we want to hear," says vocalist Greg Wilburn. "Let's write the heaviest, grooviest and ugliest songs we possibly can, and bring something fresh to this extremely watered down scene. If people 'get it' awesome... if not, fuck em."

Pre-orders for Devil's Messenger are currently available through, including an exclusive t-shirt and album combo package that can be purchased

THE DEVASTATED will continue on their rigorous touring schedule into the new year heading out on the "F*ck All Your Friends Tour" with DR. ACULA and DESIGN THE SKYLINE. A full list of dates the tour can be seen below.

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