Friday, September 23, 2011


A video trailer for the upcoming live DVD by Finnish metal‘s arctic wolves SONATA ARCTICA is available for viewing here.

Live In Finland is a 2 DVD + 2 CD set that captures the band's April 15th, 2011 concert at Club Teatria in Oulu, Finland and will be available in North America on November 15th. Complete with bonus DVD material and bonus audio CDs, this release will surely satiate the needs of SONATA ARCTICA fans and collectors from around the world. 

The tracklisting for Live In Finland is as follows:

01. Intro (Everything Fades To Gray)
02. Flag In the Ground
03. Last Amazing Grays
04. Juliet
05. Replica
06. Blank File
07. As If The World Wasn’t Ending
08. Paid In Full
09. Victoria’s Secret
10. Instrumental Exhibition
11. The Misery
12. Full Moon
13. In Black & White
14. Mary-Lou
15. Shy
16. Letter to Dana
17. Caleb
18. Don´t Say A Word
19. Outro (Vodka / Everything Fades To Gray)

SONATA ARCTICA Open Air 2 in Kemi, Finland - August 8th, 2009
01. White Pearl, Black Oceans
02. Draw Me
03. In Black & White
04. Don't Say A Word
Bonus Content & Extra Features:
- Making of “Live in Finland”
- Making of “Flag In The Ground”
- Latin-American (Tour Documentary)
- Made in Finland (Tour Documentary)
Music Videos:
- Don’t Say A Word
- Paid In Full
- Flag In The Ground
Acoustic live set at Alcatraz, Milano
The “FITG” cover Contest
Photo Gallery
CD1: SONATA ARCTICA Live in Finland
01. Intro (Everything Fades To Gray)
02. Flag In The Ground
03. The Last Amazing Grays
04. Juliet
05. Replica
06. Blank File
07. As If The World Wasn't Ending
08. Paid In Full
09. Instrumental Exhibition
10. The Misery
11. In Black & White
12. Letter To Dana
13. Caleb
14. Don't Say A World / Everything Fades To Gray
01. Paid In Full
02. 8th Commandment
03. Replica
04. Tallulah
05. Caleb
06. White Pearl, Black Oceans
07. Draw Me
08. Fullmoon
SONATA's keyboard player Henrik Klingenberg has previously stated the following about the band’s forthcoming DVD:

"[It] will be the complete guide to what we've been up to these past two years and showcases SONATA ARCTICA towards the end of the Days of Grays World Tour which started back in 2009. We played a total of over 180 shows in almost 40 countries. I'm very happy that we’ve managed to capture all the ups and downs on film."

The Days Of Grays, SONATA ARCTICA’s latest studio album, debuted on the Billboard Top New Artist “Heatseekers” chart at #19 the week following its release.

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