Wednesday, September 14, 2011

INSOMNIUM premieres “Through the Shad ows” music video on Metal Injection

After recently debuting their first single, "Unsung", Finland's INSOMNIUM is now ready to give North American fans yet another preview from their upcoming album, One For Sorrow (October 18th), with the premiere of their new music video, "Through the Shadows", on Metal Injection! Like "Unsung", "Through the Shadows" features the guttural prowess of vocalist/bassist Niilo Sevänen, but also introduces fans to guitarist Ville Friman's clean vocals. Described as melodically majestic and beautifully brutal, One For Sorrow nods at INSOMNIUM's past works, yet welcomes a new breath of versatility--while never deviating from the band's melodic death metal roots.

To watch the music video for "Through the Shadows" on Metal Injection, click the link below!

Stay tuned for more new material from INSOMNIUM coming soon!

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