Friday, September 9, 2011

Monica Richards Releases Official Music Video for “Like Animals”

Video Produced by DIGImmortal Photo 
Monica Richards, known mainly for her work in Faith and the Muse, has released a brand new music video for the song “Like Animals,” off her first solo record, Infrawarrior.  The song, a cover from the 1967 film “Dr. Doolittle,” asks why humans treat animals so poorly when animals do nothing but wonderful things for us.  As an animal welfare piece, Monica wanted to focus on positive interactions between man and animal, including rescue and rehabilitation of various species.  Therefore, throughout the video, you can see footage of rescued wildlife, farm animals, and domesticated pets, to drive the point home that we are all connected and can live peacefully. 

Shelby, an abused Pit Bull turned therapy dog, makes several appearances throughout the video, as do rescued farm animals from For the Animals Sanctuary.  Read more about the animals featured by clicking here. 

DIGImmortal Photo, a photography/videography company based in NJ that primarily works with musicians, was hired for the video, and all the footage contained in the video was shot and edited by them.  See more of DIGImmortal’s work here and here.   

Monica Richards is currently working on a brand new solo album, due out in the coming months.  In the meantime, view the “Like Animals” music video here. 

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