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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Plastic Head Music in cooperation with ITN Corporation today confirms July 12 as the North American release date for In the Nursery’s Blind Sound. The album is the first new studio recording from the Sheffield, England-based group since 2007’s Era. The album’s American release follows the successful European release of the album and recent performance at Sheffield City Hall as part of the Sensoria Film & Music Festival. It further celebrates the band’s 30-year anniversary.

Work began on Blind Sound nearly a year ago at In the Nursery’s studio complex, Beehive Works. The studio is located at the heart of an old cutlery works which, as the band notes, shows “a glimmering memory of Sheffield’s once mighty Steel Industry.” The album is a concentrated effort that features ten signature creations fusing neo-classical instrumentation with unique drum cadences. In succession, the songs infiltrate, uplift, and invade the senses. AllMusic calls Blind Sound, “one of In the Nursery’s strongest and most surprising albums.” Sputnik Music adds, “the darkest album of their career, but also one of their best.”

At the core of In the Nursery’s songwriting is twin brothers Nigel and Klive Humberstone. Their collaborations together employ extensive use of traditional instrumentation (bass, drum, guitar and vocal), along with computers for sound enhancement and arrangement, plus their unique use of marching snare and orchestral percussion (timpani, gran casa). Additional parts are written for, and contributed by, guest musicians (cello, violin, harp, and clarinet among others). Nigel comments, “tracks are constantly fine-tuned and re-arranged until that moment comes when we instinctively know that a track is finished. We are very proud that we have done everything ourselves - from writing, arrangement, performing and engineering to production, mixing and mastering.”

Musical selections from In the Nursery are currently part of HBO’s popular period series, Game of Thrones. Based on author George R.R. Martin’s best selling series A Song of Ice and Fire, the series debuted April 17. Nigel notes, “we’ve been working with a film rep in Los Angeles since the mid-90’s who has helped with many of the theatrical trailer spots we have been involved in.” Game of Thrones has already been picked up by the network for a second season

In The Nursery has released over thirty individual recordings since their formation in 1981. Once part of the highly-regarded Wax Trax! roster, the band has contributed songs to numerous film soundtracks and trailers over their extensive recording history, including Interview With The Vampire, The Sweet Hereafter, Along Came A Spider, The Aviator, Erin Brockovich, and Beowulf. In addition to their major film work, the duo have composed nearly a dozen specially commissioned scores for classic international silent films, including The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1996), Asphalt (1997), Man with a Movie Camera (1999), Hindle Wakes (2001), A Page of Madness (2004), The Passion of Joan of Arc (2008), and music for films from the Mitchell & Kenyon collection.

Commenting on their working relationship Nigel notes, “my brother and I started making music together at the age of 16 when we shared an electric guitar as a birthday present. So it has been a long musical journey for us. The fact that we are still producing music together after all this time is a great testament to our relationship as twin brothers, and is part of what is so special about In The Nursery. In many ways, Blind Sound reflects our relationship with music and each other. For us, sound has no boundaries.”

In the Nursery has confirmed a number of select performances this summer including Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig and Amphi Festival in Koln. Additional performances and ticket details can be found at the band’s official site,

Track listing for Blind Sound is: 1) Artisans of Civilisation*, 2.) Past Glory, 3.) Blind Sound, 4. Crepuscule, 5. Trial By Error, 6., Coloured Silence, 7. Lectern, 8. Crave, 9. Resonate, 10. Overtone.

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