Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Check out the Dot Dot Curve “I’m Still Here” album trailer: here. The new album is out May 24 on Standby Records.

Dot Dot Curve originated out of Greenwood, Indiana in 2008. It all began when DDC brainchild Spanky (then 18 years old) decided to create a solo project with a new genre, all its own. Once tracks went online, Dot Dot Curve’s fan base and play counts took off like wildfire. Within months, DDC was accumulating not only thousands of plays a day, but thousands of downloads a day. Spanky released his songs as free downloads for over a year, before releasing on iTunes. After iTunes sales skyrocketed, his music was picked up by Hot Topic and Dot Dot Curve started to receive attention from AP and other music publications.

Multiple tours both in the US and abroad followed, which leads DDC to the release of the new album "I'm Still Here". As with all of his other releases, Spanky recorded the new material in his garage, with nothing but a laptop and a mic. Once again he has written, mixed, recorded and mastered by everything by himself. The new tunes expand on DDC’s “crunk” sound while incorporating more hip hop into the mix.

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“I’m Still here” is available in six different bundles which can be pre-ordered here: .

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