Friday, March 22, 2013

In Vivid Colour’s Entire EP Exclusively Streaming on Under The Gun

After premiering their singles on PureGrainAudio, idobi Radio’s Rock The Walls, and BlankTV, respectively, In Vivid Colour has now partnered up with Under The Gun to exclusively premiere the entire self-titled EP on Under The Gun. The forthcoming release will be released March 26th or At Your Command Records and may be streamed HERE, and may still be pre-ordered off of iTunes. Kyle Scherle admitted that self-recording the EP, “Was not easy but still a really fun process.” He went on to say, “We are really excited about this release. We have been working really hard on it, especially John, and we are really excited to see what our fans have to say about the new tracks.”

IN VIVID COLOUR (March 26th)

1. Evil Prevails When Good Men Fail To Act
2. I'm What's Wrong, This Is Fate
3. To Touch The Sky
4. Exit Humanity
5. Senzu Beanz
6. Roy Rogers Mc Freely
7. Shadow Marks by Delvin Mallory

In Vivid Colour recently signed with At Your Command Records, with At Your Command Records owner Chelsea Steele commenting on the signing, “We at At Your Command are always looking out for something different, something underrated that will surely turn heads. We want bands who love what they do, who show passion in their songs, and who are willing to give it all to reach their goals: In Vivid Colour has it all. I could not have found a better band to add to our roster to show that we want to be involved with a variety of genres. In Vivid Colour has the potential to go far, and I'm glad they're willing to let us help them get that far.” In Vivid Colour’s Kyle Scherle went on to say, "We are happy about the signing and are really excited to be a part of the At Your Command Records family. We have got a lot of things happening now that we would not have had if it was not for At Your Command, so we really appreciate everything they've done for us so far."

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