Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NAGLFAR releases new album, "Teras"

Swedish melodic black metallers NAGLFAR have now released their new album, Téras, in North America and Europe! Featuring artwork by Niklas Sundin (DARK TRANQUILLITY), who has already designed artwork for bands such as IN FLAMES, ARCH ENEMY, AT THE GATES, and many others, Téras is the band's first studio release since 2007. The album's first single, "Pale Horse", can be heard here, and the second single, "An Extension Of His Arm And Will", can be heard here.

The complete track-listing for Téras is below.

Téras track-listing
1. Téras
2. Pale Horse
3. III: Death Dimension Phantasma
4. The Monolith
5. An Extension Of His Arm And Will
6. Bring Out Your Dead
7. Come Perdition
8. Invoc(H)ate
9. The Dying Flame Of Existence

To purchase Téras, head over to
iTunes or CM Distro for a variety of formats.

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