Friday, March 23, 2012

INSOMNIUM launches new video for "Regain The Fire"

INSOMNIUM's fifth album, One For Sorrow , was one of the metal highlights of 2011: a perfect blend of melancholy and melody. Now "Finland's finest miserablists" (as described by Terrorizer) present their second video from the album, "Regain The Fire"! Like their first video for "Through The Shadows", this clip was produced by their Finnish friends Obscure Entertainment from Tampere.

In regards to the video and their upcoming tour with label-mates PARADISE LOST, the band comments: "Our new video 'Regain the Fire' was shot already in last July so it still features our old guitarist Ville Vänni. The video is done by Obscure Entertainment who is responsible for all our videos since 2006. This time we also have a story line amidst the moshing so this is a bit different than previous works. Go and watch the video and judge it yourself! We are really excited to hit the UK together with PARADISE LOST. They are one of those bands which we liked already as teens so it really feels strange that we are getting in a same tour bus with them. We haven't toured UK properly since 2009 so it's high time to deliver some goodies for the Britons. So remember, there is no excuse for not showing up!"

To watch the video, click here.

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