Friday, February 18, 2011

ROBBY STARBUCK Directs Short Film For New Times of Grace Video; Online Now!

Highly respected director ROBBY STARBUCK has pushed the limits of music videos since he entered the business, truly showcasing the art of the music video while working with the likes of Metric, Chiodos, Pierce the Veil, Snoop Dogg and more. Now he has topped himself once again with a short film for Roadrunner Records act Times of Grace. STARBUCK directed a sprawling 10-minute clip set to the song “Strength In Numbers’ that follows a man as he searches for his family in the wake of an apocalyptic catastrophe.

The film is currently streaming on HERE

ROBBY STARBUCK had the following to say to Shockhound: “Working on such an innovative project was truly a dream come true for me. Initially it was just a music video, but two days into it we realized the project had taken on a life of its own. At that point I sat down and thought: 'We have a short film here and it wasn't just for the sake of doing something new.” STARBUCK continues, "I find it really moving. One of the lines I wrote for the script was, 'This isn't the story of an apocalypse but rather a story of humanity.' I really think that line sums up my feelings of the short. We took a small story about a man on a lonely road and created within that the struggle for humanity and dignity during the toughest of times."

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