Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ecliptyka: debut album to be released in March via Die Hard Records

Brazilian metallers ECLIPTYKA recently finished the recordings of their debut album, entitled "A Tale of Decadence", and inked a deal with Die Hard Records (UDO, Annihilator, Chris Caffery) for its release.

The album was recorded in Mark Studio, the artwork was designed by João Duarte (Angra, Andre Matos, Hangar) and it features guest vocals by Marcelo Carvalho (Hateful) and Danilo Herbert (Mindflow).

"A Tale of Decadence" has the following track list:
01. The Age of Decadence
02. We Are The Same
03. Splendid Cradle
04. Fight Back
05. Dead Eyes
06. Echoes From War
07. Hate
08. Why Should They Pay?
09. Look at Yourself
10. I’ve Had Everything
11. Unnatural Evolution
12. Eyes Closed
13. Berço Esplêndido (bonus track)

Ecliptyka is a heavy metal band with several influences, from hard rock to death metal and metal core, and is formed by Helena Martins (vocals), Guilherme Bollini (guitars, vocals), Hélio Valisc (guitars), Eric Zambonini (bass) and Tiago Catalá (drums). Samples of the debut album are available on the band's MySpace page at www.myspace.com/ecliptyka

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