Friday, February 25, 2011

Eternal Descent Comic Book Issue #6 Featuring Shadows Fall's Jon Donais Now on Sale

Shadows Fall guitarist Jon Donais lands cameo appearance in heavy metal comic book series
February 25, 2011

London, UK - Eternal Descent comic book issue #6 featuring metal guitarist Jon Donais of the chart-topping metal band
Shadows Fall is now available at comic retailers worldwide. In the storyline inspired by "Embrace Annihilation", a song from the band's "Retribution" album, Jon sides with chaos, joining the nefarious Loki as a fathful servant of the damned. An allegiance with dire consequences, Lyra and Sirian must fight for survival, as the ground trembles and shadows fall.

     Eternal Descent Issue #6 is now available at the following links:
Things from Another World:

USA and Canada:

     The comic book is available at comic book stores worldwide through Diamond Distribution.
Llexi Leon, creator of the multimedia concept ETERNAL DESCENT, recruits ESP artists for cameo appearances in the Eternal Descent comic which is inspired by a host of iconic metal musicians. The initial launch issue was released on March 31st, 2010 with subsequent issues released every 4-6 weeks, spotlighting God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle in issue 2,  Gus G of Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne in issue 3, Wayne Static of Static-X in issue 4, and Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel of Atreyu in issue 5.

     Eternal Descent is published by IDW
with issues available at comic book stores worldwide through Diamond Distribution. 

Samples of the Eternal Descent Issue #6 comic book artwork are available for viewing at
these links:
Issue #6 Cover Image:

The Eternal Descent Comic Artwork Gallery can be previewed here:

     The Eternal Descent comic book is also available in the Playstation Portable (PSP) format at the
Sony Playstation Portable site (

     Llexi Leon began making noise in London, England in
2005. His highly intricate guitar style exhibits the many influences corralled to create his intense sound - from classical, flamenco, electronica, and ambient genres to the more prominent genres of rock and metal. All of these genres infused to one, Leon has built a cinematic metal fantasia with his music which has branched out to a comic book series. His main aspirations are bringing stories to life through escapism. He utilizes everyday events and his vivid imagination to drive him to create more avenues for his multimedia enterprise.

     Eternal Descent endorses
ESP Guitars
. Ovation Guitars, Kahler Tremolos, DiMarzio Pickups, Marshall Amps, Digitech Pedals, Guitar Grip, Pickboy, and Coffin Case.

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