Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sentiments Streams Debut Album Dystopia, Album Out Now

San Antonio’s Sentiments is streaming their debut full length, entitled Dystopia, in full through their YouTube channel. The metalcore outfit’s freshman release may be streamed HERE and purchased off of Bandcamp. Dystopia fits the album perfectly as the release was more than a year in the making with drummer Samer Moukaddam commenting, “In the beginning, it was our dream album. It was exactly what we wanted. We didn't know what people would think of it, or even let that bother us. We just knew that it needed to be done. During the process of recording the album, we lost money, band members, and it became somewhat of a burden to finish. The release of our single “Dystopia” had really pushed us to get this album done once and for all. The feedback was incredible. After a year's worth of stress, writing, and waiting, it is finally finished, and we couldn't be happier. Can't wait for people to see what's coming next.”

Sentiments - consisting of James (vocals), Kyle (guitar), Jorge (guitar), Eric (bass), Bobby (keys/vocals), and Samer (drums) - are all extremely dedicated musicians devoted to creating the perfect blend of music that portrays a vast amount of different sounds. They strive to create a unique genre and art for the San Antonio music scene, and beyond. Sentiments was formed in early October of 2011 with a prime goal to share music that people love, and lyrics highly influenced by past experiences and in depth personal beliefs or views. Nothing will stop Sentiments from getting where they desire to be. With a unique and powerful drive, there is simply no other.


1. Clocks
2. Insomnia
3. Drones
4. Mourners
5. Dystopia
6. City 17
7. VII
8. Neglect
9. Realm

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