Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lachi & Meridian Gold Campaign for Upcoming Album

This month, you can help bring something positive into the world. New York rock/pop outfit, Lachi and Meridian Gold are giving fans, new and old alike, the opportunity to be a part of the band’s upcoming full-length album by backing their Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

The new record would be a mix of rock, pop and urban, all with Lachi’s powerful, energetic voice at the fore. Lachi’s music is all about positivity, and the new material will move even further in that direction. “The goal is to make music, not merely about ex-boyfriends, unrequited love or partying at a club, but about inner-growth, realness, acceptance of one's insecurities,” says Lachi. “The success of the campaign would allow us to bring this music to a global level as a polished, commercially viable product in order to bring back music with a message to the mainstream and to infect the airwaves with something different, something heavy, something positive.”

Incentives range from virtual hugs, to stress balls, to live Youtube performances of your favorite song “Lachified” to a trip to the studio where your snaps and claps will be recorded onto one of their tracks. Deadline for pledges is Friday, November 17. Support Lachi and Meridian Gold here:

The multi-talented singer/songwriter and performer takes her music to the next level with “Bug Out.” The anthemic track is an affirmative celebration of life, driven by a soaring, instantly catchy chorus that exhorts listeners to “Bug out, have fun, live life, have love, bug out.”

“I’d describe my music as a combination of rock and pop with a hint of soul and a bit of jazzy scatting. What’s most important is that the lyrics convey a message of truth, growth, poetry and reality. My influences are a grand ol’ mess of The Beatles, Radiohead, Bjork, Smashing Pumpkins, Lauryn Hill, EllaFitzgerald, and Mozart."

“As a legally blind, black female that, let’s face it, acts white, is a tomboy and acts like she’s not blind, I’ve encountered an intense amount of resistance from the world around me. From racism to colorism, to you ain’t black enough, to sexism and genderism, to ‘What a bitch, can’t you see that sign, it’s right there, what are you blind or stupid?’ All things that are said to me on a weekly, and often daily basis. My songs are all about growth, struggles, life-lessons, empowerment, poetry and strength. I don’t think the topics will change over time, as I have always been a person of the earth. If I have an intense experience, be it love or hate, it’s met with poetry, reality and depth. That’s my inspiration – my life.”

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