Monday, November 28, 2011

HADES guitarist releases DAN ZIG HATES X-MAS video

HADES guitarist Dan Lorenzo has posted a video for his song "Dan Zig Hates X-Mas" from his first solo album, "Cassius King", which was released in 2003.

Commented Lorenzo:
"Everybody who knows anything about marketing knows the best time to release a video is about eight years after the CD is released. Yes, I'm serious. Well...maybe not. When I first wrote the riff to this song, I knew it sounded a lot like something off the first two DANZIG CDs. Not any one song in particular, but absolutely that style. The first two DANZIG CDs are two of my favorite CDs ever. So I decided to write the song as an homage to DANZIG. It was the most dreaded time of year when I wrote it... the winter. I despise the winter. Even though I have a happy life, Christmas day has always kind of bummed me out since my father died 29 years ago. I feel super-awkward getting presents as an adult. And did I mention how much my wife and I hate cold weather?

"On the actual CD version of the song, I played all the guitars, bass and sang. Johnny Milnes from MUCKY PUP played the drums. In the video I have my 5-year-old nephew/godson on drums and (current DANZIG bassist) Steve Zing on bass. I also have my wife, my sister-in-law, my nephew's baby sitter, and the only two members of the "Dan Lorenzo fan club" Lindsey and Christina.

"This is my directorial debut. I tried to find a lighting where I looked the most attractive--turns out I look much better the darker it is. Who knew? It was filmed based around DANZIG's 'Mother' video."

The video can be viewed here.

R-Rated photos from the video shoot can be seen here.

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